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How to Organize Your Journal Articles Using a Citation Manager

Learn how to use a citation manager to organize your journal articles! This course is for PHYSICIANS and a CME Certificate will be awarded.

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How to Organize Your Journal Articles Using a Citation Manager (Non-Physicians)

This course is for Non-Physicians including students, trainees, and advanced practice providers. A CME Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.

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Course Testimonials!

“I can’t believe I didn’t know how to properly organize my journal articles! This course saved me countless hours. I wish I knew this a long time ago. I would have saved hundreds of unnecessary hours!”

Pulmonary Critical Care Attending Physician

“Thanks so much Dr. Dinh! I’ve used so many citation managers and it has always been confusing. Thanks for making this course and showing me how to use Papers. I really can’t believe I didn’t find this out earlier. This course didn’t just help me with my research but also just the general organization of my clinical papers I use on rounds as well!”

Internal Medicine 3rd year Resident Physician

“This course changed how I started doing research. It made it actually enjoyable. I had no idea organizing journal articles could be so easy! I’m having so much fun doing my summer research project now.”

2nd Year Medical Student

“I’m in the MD/PhD program. It is crazy how efficiently and easily journal articles can be organized, annotated, and shared using a proper citation manager! I’m surprised my other PhD research mentors never knew or suggested this to me.”

Medical Student (MD/PhD Candidate)
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